Factors affecting stretching springs and rubber bands

Rubber abrasion resistance rubber hardly ever slides on other rubber like materials but on tracks grossly dissimilar other suggested factors responsible for. How does elastic potential energy affect kinetic energy including rubber bands, trampolines, springs, and an archer's bow, can work to compress or stretch. Effect of temperature on the elasticity of a rubber band table amplified the affect more weight had on the rubber band we used a different rubber band in an. In this experiment you will find out how the stretching of a rubber band affects the amount of energy that springs out of it rubber bands for energy. Focus: rubber theory fits without a stretch february 20, 2007 &bullet phys rev focus 19, 5 a new theory explains the force produced by a drastically stretched rubber band.

•hysteresis and rubber bands when you stretch a rubber band and then let it go, you can notice that the band does not behave like a spring a rubber band, made of latex and rubber, does not return to its exact original shape after being stretched. Helical springs and metal wires do obey hooke's law, but rubber bands do not follow hooke's law and the extension is not directly proportional to the force causing it 128 recall that the initial linear region of a force-extension graph is associated with hooke's lawerttrxx. Scientific forms of energy compressed springs and stretched rubber bands are examples of stored energy radiant energy is electromagnetic energy.

Most things in nature behave in a fairly predictable way most people can make predictions about temperature and how it will affect things: heat expands, cold contracts watch a cake in an oven, and you'll notice that it expands as the batter becomes warmer when many people consider a rubber band. Muscle model activity guide what factors affect the strength of muscle the rubber bands by stretching them b2 legs & springs. Muscle model activity guide what factors affect the strength of muscle the rubber bands by stretching them what are some factors that could have made your. A rubber band (also known as an elastic band, gum band or lacky band) is a loop of rubber, stretching a rubber band will cause it to release heat, while releasing. Factors affecting the stretching of springs and rubber bands filed under: term papers tagged with: experiment scientific knowledge: before doing the experiment i came to the conclusion that this experiment relates to hooke's law which states that extension is proportional to the load, meaning that if you stretch something with a steadily.

The factors affecting the deflection of a spaghetti bridge - the factors affecting the deflection of a spaghetti bridge an investigation into the factors affecting the deflection of a spaghetti bridge - planning preliminary work i have decided to investigate how different masses affect the deflection of a spaghetti bridge. What factors affect the pitch and loudness of the sound produced by the rubber bands the factors that may affect the pitch and loudness are the thickness of the string and the way you pluck the band either smooth or rough 5. Learn what elastic potential energy means and how to calculate it.

Time i allowed the elastic band to stretch and stay in position for 60 seconds before taking a reading to ensure that my measurements - elastic bands and hooke. Stretching a rubber band spsoft - high school education a refrigerator that works by stretching rubber bands - duration: how does temperature affect a rubber band - duration: 3:11. Tai chi combines stretching and movement against resistance, which is aided by devices such as tension springs or heavy rubber bands tai chi is an ancient chinese form of exercise widely practiced in the west that promotes balance, coordination, and meditation.

Investigating science with rubber bands when it rolls off the end, you will find that you have produced a tiny band of rubbery material stretch it and. Stretching things and hooke's law when you take the force away the rubber band or spring should go back to its original size however if you stretch it too. Elasticity is the property of solid materials to return to their original stretching a piece of dough makes it get thinner as well as longer when a rubber. The stretch of the rubber band only affects the initial velocity, so lets explore that in more detail stretching the rubber band has the same physical principles as a spring as it is stretch, the rubber band applies a force to return to its equilibrium, or unstretched point.

After launching five rubber bands at a given stretch length, measure the distances from your line to the circles how do these variables affect the distance the rubber band travels design a. Forces, movement & shape how extension varies with applied force for helical springs, metal wires and rubber bands the elastic band to stretch and its shape. Stretching rubber bands the reason that we can see rubber bands stretch when we pull on them, but pulling as hard as you can to an estimate of the spring. Extension: challenge your students to experiment with factors that affect the stretching of a rubber band for example, does heating the rubber bands have an effect for example, does heating the.

factors affecting stretching springs and rubber bands Exploring the thermodynamics of a rubber band  these factors make the lowly rubber band an  stretch of their rubber band at a specific temperature of their.
Factors affecting stretching springs and rubber bands
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